Diaper Dude - Keeping Dad Cool

Ok, so your guy may be feeling a little un-cool wheeling the stroller down to the local coffee shop on Saturday morning carrying around a bunch of diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, snacks, the kitchen sink and so on. Chris Pegula went through his first three children carrying feminine styled diaper bags and then he eventually decided he was going to design a diaper bag that dads would want to carry. That meant he was going to have diaper bags that had dragons, camo, plaid, some blue pin stripes, and even a diaper bag with camo and a dragon. Definitely not your daddy's diaper bag - or your mommy's for that matter. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the skull and crossbones. These Diaper Dude bags are sweet! (And not just for dads!). One of the nice surprises in these bags is on the inside there is a list of items that you are going to need to pack before he heads out the door! A great father's day gift, Diaper Dude brand has been a best seller for 7 years now and we love packing them up and sending them out the door to you! (PS: If you don't see the Diaper Dude style you want...just ask us and we may be able to order it in just for you!)